64th International Colloquium on Refractories 2021

von Dagmar Dieterle

Der Kongress findet als Live-Veranstaltung in englischer Sprache in Aachen statt.


September 29th, 2021

10:00     Ulf Frohneberg Opening address from the President, DFFI

10:05     Davide Ghilotti, William Clarke / Fastmarkets
Keynote: Refractory raw materials prices and markets in 2021 and beyond

10:35     Helge Jansen  / Refratechnik Steel GmbH
Keynote: Alternative raw materials for refractories
Made in Europe – reducing the carbon footprint

11:05     Stephan Eirich  / Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich
Introduction to the 2021 Gustav Eirich Award

11:10     TBA during the event Presentations from the three winners of the 2021
Gustav Eirich Award

12:10     Lunch

Iron- and Steelmaking

13:20     Roumiguier, L.; Delobel, F., Boudet, A., Pilate, P. Belref SA
Innovative fused silica pre-shaped refractory for coke ovens

13:40     Wöhrmeyer, C.; Szepizdyn, M., Liu, C., Bhattacharya, G.,
Simonin F., Deteuf, C.  / Imerys Aluminates GmbH
A new deflocculation system and its interaction with key components of blast furnace trough castables

14:00     Stein, V.; Schemmel, T., Jansen, H.  / Refratechnik Steel GmbH
Corrosion mechanisms of different magnesia types and grades in MgO-C bricks – a unique approach to visualize performance and limits of MgO raw materials

14:20     Kerber, F.; Stein, V., Schemmel, T., Jansen, H., Aneziris, C. G.  / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Influence of different MgO-C refractory material on the inclusion population in Al-deoxidized steel

14:40     Liefhebber, J.; Hoeck, H., Mustacevic, N., Siebring, R.  / Tata Steel Europe
Impact of health and safety regulations on refractories buying and selection at Tata Steel in Ijmuiden

15:00     Tassot, P.; Schemmel, T., Feliciano-Bruzual, C., Sengupta, U.  / Refratechnik Steel GmbH
Management of the performance of torpedo ladle

15:20     Breithaupt, M.; Hansert, P. / Badische Stahlwerke GmbH
Safe and optimized addition of ladle sand at BSW

15:40     Mouiya, M.; Arib, A., Taha, Y., Temraoui, Y., Tessier-Doyen, N., Hakkou, R., Alami, J., Huger, M. Mohamed VI Polytechnic
Fabrication of sustainable refractory brick: Utilization of different natural raw materials

16:00     Break



16:20     Dietze, C.; Brachhold, N., Schemmel, T., Bühringer, M., Jansen, H., Aneziris, C. G.  / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Development and investigation of high temperature materials for application under alkali exposure

16:40     Bastian, M.; Dannert, C., Kehren, J., Krause, O.  / Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest
Oxidation of Si3N4 bonded SiC: How chemical composition and pore parameters influence the oxidation behaviour

17:00     Paul, J.; Krause, O., Erbar, L., Holeyn, F., Sollbach, M., Dannert, C. / Hochschule Koblenz
SEM investigations of the impact of SiC on alkali corrosion in refractory castables

17:20     Lang, C.; Abdelouhab, S., Delobel, F., Pilate, P. / Belgium Ceramic Research Center
Oxidation behaviour of SiC refractory samples used in waste incineration furnaces containing different antioxidizing compounds in the starting mixture

17:40    Özkurt, E.  / Refractory Consultant
Selection criteria of refractories for cement plants

September 30th, 2021


09:00     Dünzen, C.; Janousch, D. / Nabaltec AG
Viscosity changes of an alumina based castable during mixing and the effect of bimodal reactive aluminas

09:20     Holleyn, F.; Klein, L., Krause, O. / Hochschule Koblenz
Proper mixing is a still undervalued key issue for targeted development and fabrication of refractory monolithics for reproducible material

09:40    Angelkort, J.; Fröse, N., Mix, M. / Intocast AG
The hydratation of a calcium aluminate cement and the accelerating effect of Li2CO3 and MgCO3

10:00     Peng, H. Elkem Silicon Materials
Fast dry-out of cement-free MgO based castables

10:20     Kasper, J.; Koch, A., Krause, O., Dannert, C. / Forschungsgemeinschaft Feuerfest
Dispersion and stiffening behavior of matrix suspensions of refractory castables in the presence of impurities

10:40     Gerz, A.; Schmid, M., Walenta, G., Noel, N., Sax, A., Quirmbach, P. / Calucem GmbH
Characterization of low cement castables in application-related formulation ranges


11:00     Break

Castables II


11:20     Zhang, M.; Larsson, M., Alibasic, E., Landell, H. Höganäs Borgestad
Self-healing castable repairs its own cracks (II)

11:40     Sarioglu, N.; Kara, V., Yanik, H.G., Kurukavak, O. Kümas Manyezit Sanayi
Determination of binders for basic gunning mixes based on applications

12:00 Lunch

Innovation in refractories

13:40     Cölle, D.; Rosenberger, J., Vesenberg, B., Willenweber, A.  / EKW GmbH
"Eisenberger Luting Sand" for the sustainable production of resource-efficient refractory ceramics

14:00     Endler, D.; Ziernert, T., Hubálková, J., Gehre, P., Aneziris, C. G. / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Coarse grain metallic/ceramic-refractory composites, an approach for functional refractory composites

14:20     Malczyk, P.; Kerber, F., Zienert, T., Yaroshevskyi, S., Weigelt, C., Sauke, S.-O., Semrau, H., Aneziris, C. G. / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Corrosion resistant stainless steel/ceramic composite refractory materials for applications in molten aluminum alloys

14:40     Bach, M.; Dudczig, S., Schemmel, T., Bühringer, M., Jansen, H., Aneziris, C. G. / TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Synthesis, properties and application potential of perovskite-like refractory composites


15:00 End of ICR 2021

This preliminary programme is subject to change without notice. A final programme will be available
online and as booklet during ICR® 2021.


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